Your Worst Enemy is Self-Doubt

Sylvia Plath is a deep and emotionally jarring writer. When I read her poetry it haunts me and touches me – even her dark poems. I read her book, The Bell Jar, twice. The second time was back in July. It is one thought-provoking book, for sure.

And I love this quote:

Your Worst Enemy is Self-Doubt

I admit that self-doubt definitely gets in the way of my creativity sometimes. It is second to my constant battles with time management!

However, I want to encourage you to punch out your self-doubt. Kick your fear in the tush! The world needs you. It needs what you have to say. I know I have written this before. I am writing again because it bears repeating.

Don’t let fear or self-doubt stop you from giving your gift to the world. Believe me, the world desperately needs you!


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