Goals for 2016 Update

I never planned to do a mid-year check-up; however, this is shaping up to be a crazy year and I am way behind in my goals. In some areas I am doing okay but in other areas, not so much. Therefore, to keep it real – and as a reminder/push for myself – I am doing this update. (The updates are in italics.)

Image by condesign (2014) via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain

Image by condesign (2014) via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain

1. Officially launch my author/writing business (I am on way and I am in the process of working on the website but it is taking much longer than I wanted. Hopefully, I will launch at the end of June or beginning of July.)

2. Write and publish one guest post per month. (Not even one yet. :/ It is still important to me so I hope to get cracking on this soon.)

3. Create at least two videos or video series per month. (Again, not one. I am planning on starting a Periscope series in August or doing a series of grammar videos to go along with the grammar tips I do here on the blog.)

4. Read at least one business or writing book per month. (This is the one goal I have achieved every month so far.)

5. Post to social media at least 3x per week (Mostly to Facebook & LinkedIn, I think.) (I started out strong but to be honest, I haven’t been on any social media for the last couple of months except for brief personal updates on FB.)

6. Post to carolda.com at least 2 times per week. (I am on track here, too. I think I’ve only missed one or two blog posts. Now I need to work on getting more traffic to these posts!)

7. Join 2 support groups/master minds and attend at least one virtual/on site conference this year. (I am doing great with this goal! So far, I’ve participated in two online conferences, joined a writer’s guild, and participated in several writing classes. I am also planning on doing a few more!)

As I reflected on the successes and “not-so-successes,” I see that my biggest issue is time management. I can make the case that health issues were the reason given that my husband has been in the hospital twice, my son got sick and then I have been dealing with issues related to my (mild) cerebral palsy; however they are mostly excuses. I think if I managed my time better I would have gotten more done.

So, this weekend, I am going to work up a schedule that I hope will be doable. My son is starting his summer break so I think that if I plan well, I can get caught up and back on track with these goals.

How about you? How are you doing with your goals? If you are behind, what tweaks can you make the get back on track?


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