Using Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” Feature

Ali Luke, from the blog Aliventures, has a fantastic tutorial on how to use the comments and track changes features in Microsoft Word.

Using Microsoft Word's 'Track Changes' Feature

I have been a “power user” of Microsoft products for a long time and use the comments and track changes A LOT, for myself and for others. Still, I managed to learn a couple of things from her post. (I love when that happens!)

Here is a snippet from the introduction:

At some point in your writing life, you’re going to be invited to workshop, beta read or even edit someone else’s work.

Maybe your friend has written a novel, and wants feedback. Or you’ve joined a local writers’ group and swapped short story manuscripts with another writer there. Or you’re a blogger, and a fellow blogger asks for your help with an important guest post. Or you decide to take on some paid editing work to supplement your writing income.“…. Continue Reading


Tweetable: Using Microsoft Word’s ‘Track Changes’ Feature