Awesome Authors: Therese Heckencamp

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Frozen Footprints by Therese Heckencamp

Back in 2012 I was contacted by Therese Heckencamp and asked to review her first published book, Past Suspicion. It is a well-written book and even though I do not normally read suspense novels, I enjoyed the book. Impressively, Therese was a young adult when she wrote this novel.

A year later, she contacted me again and asked me to read and review her second novel, Frozen Footprints. Wow. It kept me on edge and half-way through the book I cheated and read the ending! I couldn’t help myself. One of the reasons I am not a reader of suspenseful books is because I don’t like suspense. LOL! Yeah, crazy, I know. In spite of the suspense, I loved the book and officially became a Therese Heckencamp fan.

It doesn’t look like Therese updates her website often but I saw that there is a sequel to Frozen Footprints coming out and it looks just as suspenseful as its predecessor!

If you are a fan of suspense novels you will definitely like Past Suspicion and Frozen Footprints!


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