Awesome Authors: Greg Gutfeld

Not Cool by Greg Gutfeld*This is part of the Write 31 Days writing challenge.

I heard about Greg Gutfeld through my in-laws. They have seen him on the show The Five where he is one of the co-hosts. Then I had the opportunity to read and review his book Not Cool. The book blew me away – and I LOVE his list of “free radicals” toward the end book. He has a no-nonsense way of writing that I love and he is not afraid to say (or in this case write) what he believes.

The best part of Greg’s book and website is that he makes you think. Better yet, he gets you to think for yourself. There are a lot of educators or influencers today who tell people what to think and Gutfeld’s writings fights against them in his own subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) way. Thus, even if you don’t agree with the views he expresses in his books and articles, you still go away challenged and  fired-up. At least, I did when I read Not Cool.

That is why I had to include him in my list of awesome authors and bloggers. No matter what your political bent, or no bent at all, I encourage you to read Not Cool and/or any of Greg Gutfeld’s writings. He is one author worth getting to know.


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