Grammar Tip: Than and Then

Today I am going to teach you the difference between than and then.

Grammar Tip: Than and Then

Image by ArtsyBee (2015) via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain

Than is a subjunctive conjunction and used for comparisons.

For Example: Today I wrote 2 pages more than yesterday.

For Example: Joan’s speech was longer than any of the others.


Then is an adverb that denotes a period of time.

For Example: Michelle went to her editor’s office and then went home.

For Example: Brendan wrote a short story and then he wrote a poem.

Then can also be used as an adjective that, according to, denotes “being; being such; existing or being at the time indicated.”

For Example: “The then editor,” the then President,” etc.

Finally, then can be used as a noun to denote “since that time.”

For Example: Noelle has not been back to my office since then.


>>>>>>To remember the difference between the two words, keep in mind that when dealing with comparisons use than; when dealing with time use then.


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