Wanna Read? Go to a Vending Machine!

Short Story Vending Machine

Image by RonPorter (2007) via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain

I have something a little fun for you today. I came across this article on discovery.com and just had to share it! There is a French company that has created a vending machine that dispenses free short stories. Here is a snippet from the Discovery article:

“Everything in the world is going 3D-Printed-Candy-Crush-VR-Holographic, so it’s great when a little bit of old school springs up now and then. Take this vending machine that prints out free short stories, for example. It comes from the French publishing company Short Edition, who wanted to find a way to engage with people in a back-to-basics kind of way. They built a dispenser that prints out receipt-like slips that contain stories of varying length”…Continue reading.

How cool is that? The only caveat is that the machine is currently only available in Grenoble, France. Maybe someday it will come to the U.S. I would love to be out and about and be able to grab a free story to read while waiting in line or something. What about you?


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