Awesome Authors: Shelley Hitz

*This post is part of the write 31 days writing challenge.

Awesome Authors: Shelley Hitz

Whew! Today is the last day of the writing challenge! It was a lot of fun; however, after writing consecutively for 31 days, write two or three days a week should now be a piece of cake!

In my last post, I am highlighting author Shelley Hitz. Not only has she written many books, she recently re-branded herself and she now produces a fantastic podcast. She deals with all sorts of writing topics, from the writing process, to publishing, to marketing, to finding inspiration, and everything in between.

I love that her advice is practical and down-to-earth. Hitz takes the concept of writing and self-publishing, which can seem daunting and complicated, and breaks them down into doable, “bite-sized” chunks.

Shelley Hitz’s blog and books are great resources, especially for newbie self-publishers.


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31 Days of Awesome Authors & Bloggers

Have you ever heard of the saying, “when you make plans, God laughs?” Well, He must have been laughing at me this week! The day after writing and pre-posting my intention to participate in the 31 Days Writing Challenge, I lost my internet access. :/ There was a problem with my router, and after several tries, and a new router that didn’t work, a technician had to come. Finally, all is fixed, but as you can see, I am late coming into the challenge. Let me tell you, being almost a week without internet access makes me appreciate it all the more!

31 Days of Awesome Authors & Bloggers

But, I digress. 🙂 I am really excited to participate in this challenge, especially because I will be highlighting some of my favorite authors and bloggers! Here is a partial list (for now) of the authors/bloggers that I will be blogging about. I will add links to the posts as they are created.

1. Nick Vujicic

2. Ellen Gable

3. Cindy Woodsmall

4. Crystal Paine

5. Jeff Goins

6. Amy Lynn Andrews

7. Amy Clipson

8. Derek Halpern

9. Dawn Schuler

10. Greg Gutfeld

11. Beth Wiseman

12. Kathleen Basi

13. Therese Heckencamp

14. Barb Schoeneberger

15. Colleen Spiro

16. Val Bianco

17. Anastacia Brice

18. Marie Forleo

19. Maria Andros Buckley

20. Rachelle Gardner

21. Jane Friedman

22. Nicholas Sparks

23. Elizabeth Spann Craig

24. Catherine Francis

25. Shelley Hitz

I hope this list will inspire you to find some new author and/or blogging favorites. And if you have a blog, why not join us in the Write 31 Days challenge?


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