The World Needs You

Sometimes we let fear stop us from writing. And by writing, I mean actually finishing that *dream* writing project. Sure, we may easily finish our writing projects for clients or for our blog. However, when it comes to the writing project that has been tugging at our hearts for a long time, it is another story. Instead of completing that secret project, we distract ourselves by having lots of writing projects in the works, by spending an inordinate amount of time researching and planning, or by finding excuses not to write at all.

If this is you, you are not alone.

Putting ourselves out there is scary. We fear rejection, being misunderstood, or even ignored. This is normal and something I fight against all the time. (Or, maybe I’m not normal?!)

Your words have the power to transform the world

Here is the thing: THE WORLD NEEDS YOU. It needs your unique voice and message. It needs to read and hear what you have to say. Your words have the power to transform the world one reader at a time. But, it won’t happen if you don’t get your words out.

I’m not lying in my manifesto. I truly do believe the world is waiting for your special gift. I truly do believe you have an obligation to share that gift. I truly believe your writing is good enough; that you are good enough. And yes, I absolutely believe in you.

So, that project you have been *meaning* to get finished – finish it. The post, article or book you have been meaning to publish – publish it.

The world is waiting.


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Awesome Bloggers: Rachelle Gardner

*This post is part of the write 31 days writing challenge.

Awesome Bloggers: Racheele Gardner

Rachelle Gardner is an editor, literary agent, and a publishing coach. If you are a writer, or an aspiring author, Gardner’s blog is a must read. She gives an insider’s view into the writing, editing, and publishing world. For example, Gardner gives advice on how to craft a query letter, how to find a literary agent, and of course, how to get published.

Even though Gardner’s advice is mostly applicable to authors who want to publish traditionally, it is very much applicable to those of us wishing to self-publish as well. She gives wonderful suggestions for marketing, for self-editing, for naming your book, and much more. Gardner’s blog is definitely one that you want to have in your arsenal of writing mentors/gurus.


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