Online Productivity Tool: LeechBlock

I think I have “back-to-school” fever or something as I get ready to start homeschooling my son again because I have been thinking and/or writing about productivity a lot lately. LOL! One of the ways I am trying to streamline things is how I work online so that I am more focused and get more done.

Online Productivity Tool: Leechblock

For example, have you ever got online to work and thought to yourself, “Let me just check out Twitter for a minute,” only to look up and realize that you have been browsing for 20, 30, or more minutes? Surely, I can’t be the only one who has done this? Right? Well, one thing that has helped me is Leechblock.

What is Leechblock?

Leechblock is a Firefox add-on that you can use to temorarily block certain websites for a specified time-period – up to six sets of websites. For example, you can set Leechblock to block Twitter Monday – Friday, 9am-11am. Or you can set it weekly and Block Facebook every Tuesday from 2pm-3pm. Basically, you get to set what websites to block, and when to block them. You can set it up for however it works for you.

Benefits of Leechblock

I learned about Leecblock a few years ago through another blogger and have used it on and off since then. The main benefit is that it helps me stay focused. I know that I cannot access certain websites at certain times; therefore, I am more apt to use that time for its intended purpose, which for me, means writing.

Actually, I am also planning to use it with my son. He recently received a new-to-him computer (my husband’s older computer) to use mostly for school. We allow him to play games on it but as he starts fifth grade soon, I am planning to block the game websites he likes during the times he is supposed to be doing school. (Note: Leechblock is not a substitute for parental controls which we also have in place.)

What I like most about Leecblock is that it is simple to use and customizable. I have gone through long periods when I didn’t use the add-on and long periods where I use it every day. So, if you are looking to stay focused online so that you can get your next book or signature program completed, this add-on may be just the tool you need.

Speaking about productivity, what is your favorite productivity tool, either online or offline?