Book Review: Choose Joy

From the Book Description

“Sara Frankl knew she had a terminal disease, but she didn’t let it stop her from living. In the face of immeasurable pain, Sara chose joy–again and again. Her unforgettable message of hope and purpose lives on, even after her death, in her words.

CHOOSE JOY is a compilation of the lessons Sara learned while she was dying, written in her own words and sewn together by her close friend Mary Carver. It is a reminder to see the beauty in life, even when it looks nothing like you hoped or planned.”

Choose Joy by Sara Frankl and Mary Carver

My Comments

If you read one book this year, make it Choose Joy. Seriously. I almost can’t find the words to describe how this book affected me. It touched me to the very core of my heart and my being. It inspired me. It challenged me. It set me on a rollercoaster of emotions as I giggled and cried through the book. It changed me.

I have mild cerebral palsy and I am no stranger to chronic pain; although, not to the extent of Sara’s pain and suffering. But unlike Sara, I have not always chosen joy. And Sara’s decision to choose joy in spite of all the things she has been through reminds me, once again, that I am so blessed and truly have so much to be grateful for.

Additionally, Sara shows us what is really important – relationships. Who we are is infinitely more important than what we can do. How we relate to others, how we treat them and connect with them is what matters. This is a lesson that we all need to be reminded of once in a while.

Of course, I cried as I read about her passing. I hope I get to meet her in Heaven one day and tell her how much her words meant to me. I wish I could have known her in person while she was alive. She was (and still is) one of those special gifts from God to remind us of His goodness and grace and that it is always possible to choose joy, to choose love, over any circumstances in our lives.

Other notes about the book: The book is co-written by Sara Frankl and Mary Carver. Carver offers introductions for each chapter and section and then switches to Sara’s words. It is well-written, well-organized and, of course, written in a way that keeps the reader turning the pages. I couldn’t put the book down and I certainly didn’t want the book the end.

Therefore, if you want to be inspired, changed, and challenged, I highly recommend Choose Joy. I give the book five (5) stars.

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Awesome Bloggers: Barbara Schoeneberger

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Awesome Bloggers: Barb Schoenberger

Barb is another blogger that used to participate in the same link-up as me. She doesn’t blog much. In fact, the last post on her blog, Suffering with Joy, is dated September 8. However, when she does write, it is profound, though-provoking and it stirs the soul in a deep way.

I love how Barb describes the purpose of her blog is “to help others to find solace, joy, and purpose in suffering, no matter how great the difficulties facing them.” We all go through difficulties and it is so easy to want to give up, to despair, or to let ourselves get bitter or angry. Barb, who is not devoid of suffering herself, shows us that suffering can be faced with courage and grace.

If you want to be inspired or going through a difficult time, Barb’s blog is the perfect place for comfort and words of encouragement.


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