Book Review: Santa is Coming to the Jersey Shore

From Book Description

“Have you been good? Are you ready to go to sleep? Then Santa is coming to town! Read about what happens to Santa when he visits the Jersey Shore.”

My Comments

Santa is Coming to the Jersey ShoreThis adorable book was given to our son by a friend of the family. After having my son read the story to me, I knew I had to share it you! If you have ever lived in (or anywhere near) or visited the (New) Jersey Shore, you will get a kick out of this little book. 🙂

I mean, seriously, how can you not like a book that begins with,

“‘Well?’ boomed Santa. ‘Have all the children from the Jersey Shore been good this year?’ ‘Well…uh…mostly.’ answered the little old elf, as he bustled across the busy workshop to Santa’s desk.”

Ha! Plus, the illustrations (and various fonts) are colorful and lovely, the little interjections are funny, and I love how specific towns of the Jersey shore are mentioned. And Andrew, who is 10 years old, was delighted with the book, and specifically with the fact that his name is mentioned in the book (not intentionally)!

If you are looking for a short and adorable read-aloud book to read to your children, you should take a peek at Santa is Coming to the Jersey Shore (aff link). I give this story four (4) stars.


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