Facebook Live Replay

Instead of doing the regular Monday Marketing Moment, I am sharing a replay of last week’s Facebook live. Motivation (or lack of motivation) can affect your marketing, so it never hurts to get some tips on how to get past a lack of motivation.

Why Motivation Doesn't work and what to do instead

Monday Marketing Moment: Consistency

In Today’s Monday Marketing Moment, I am talking about being consistent. Consistency is important in most aspects of our life, and especially in business success.

Monday Marketing Moment Consistency

If you can’t access the video by clicking the image above, click here.

(If you missed my first Monday Marketing Moment, you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJzVbYRKu1Y

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I Survived My First Facebook Live!

So, I decided to kick fear in the butt and do a Facebook Live on my business page yesterday. I wanted to do a video to expand on the post I did on Tuesday, 3 Reasons You are Working too Much.

It wasn’t perfect, for sure. I flipped my hair a lot, a spoke too fast at times, and I used “ummm” way too many times. But, that’s okay. I am letting go of the need to have everything perfect. It was good for my first time and I offered some great times, if I say so myself!

I won’t be sharing the Facebook Lives here on the blog very often, but since this was my first one, I thought it might be good to share. I want you to see that it is okay to put yourself out there, even when it is scary!

Therefore, here is the replay: (If you have trouble with the video below, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/caroldvirtualadministrativespecialist/?modal=admin_todo_tour