Need Some Proofreading Done?

Need a proofreader and/or editor? I have put together some Fiverr Gigs to give you a sample of my work. Through Fiverr, I will edit your resume and cover letter and your blog posts. Each gig has three package options so you can customize your order. I also plan to offer other proofreading services through Fiverr shortly. Additionally, I am also testing out a custom order for any other editing/proofreading you may need.

You can access the gigs by clicking on the “check out my gigs” button above, on the side bar, or on the “work with me page.” Once you sign into Fiverr, you will be able to purchase the gig of your choice.

If you have any questions regarding any of those gigs or my proofreading services in general, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page or email: carol (@) carolda (dot) com.

Start Writing – No Matter What!

I love this quote by Louis L’Amour:

Start Writing

For many writers, the blank page can be terrifying. You sit down to write and all of a sudden nothing comes to mind. This ever happen to you? To be honest, I rarely have “writer’s block.” instead, I usually have the opposite problem. I have so many ideas racing through my brain that I don’t know where to start. All these thoughts jumble through and when I sit in front of the page wondering how I am going to make sense of it all.

Of course, that wasn’t always the case. When I went back to school to finish my degree, I had writer’s block all the time. This usually happened when I had to write about a topic chosen for me or on a topic I wasn’t jazzed about. Then, I would sit in front of the screen and draw a blank.

However, in both situations, the above quote inspired me either way and that I why I love it. When my mind is racing, the quote reminds me to just write; get all the jumble out of my head onto the paper and sort it out later. If I couldn’t think of what to write, the quote nudged me to just start writing something – anything – about the subject and sort it out later.

Therefore, I share this quote with you as a reminder: Start writing, NO MATTER WHAT. Whether you have too much or too little to write, just start writing about your intended subject. Don’t edit yourself. Don’t worry about the outcome or the grammar or anything else. Just write. You can always sort it out later. 🙂


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