Misused Words: Accept VS Except

I have another grammar tip for ya. Today, I am going to explain the difference between accept and except. If those two words ever tripped you up, you are not alone. Many people accidentally interchange these two words all the time.

Misused Words: Accept and Except

Accept acts as a verb and it means to receive something. For example: I will accept the party invitation from my sister.

Except  is a little trickier. It most often acts as a preposition and it means to exclude something. For example: I need all the colored pencils except the blue ones.

Occasionally, except is used as a verb. For example: She will except those pages from the final draft of the book.

Some people use except as a replacement for but; however, that is not the appropriate use of the word. For example: (wrong) I wanted to write 300 words this morning except I kept getting disturbed. (right) I wanted to write 300 words this morning but I kept getting disturbed.

That’s it. Now keep this post handy and those words won’t mess you up again. You can download a printable version here.


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