Awesome Authors: Nicholas Sparks

Awesome Authors: Nicholas Sparks*This is part of the Write 31 Days writing challenge.

There was no way I could not include Nicholas Sparks in this series. His books have been a guilty pleasure of mine for a long time! I have read all of his books (including his non-fiction book) except for the last two which I plan to read real soon. I’ve also seen all of the corresponding movies; however, I have to admit that I didn’t like most of the movies as much of the books.

Of course, this is no offense to the movie makers. Whenever I read a book and then watch the  movie, I rarely like the movie as much as the book. Weirdly, on the flip side, if I watch a movie first, I don’t always like the book as much. LOL!

Getting back on track, Sparks has such a gift for creating compelling characters, descriptive landscapes, and engaging plot lines. I’ve yet to read one of his books that haven’t caused me to experience so many emotions at once. In fact, I have to make sure I block out a chunk of time before picking up his books because I know that once I start I won’t be able to turn it down! (Hence the fact that I haven’t read his last two books – I haven’t been able to block out the time!)

So, yes, Nicholas Sparks is definitely one of my Awesome Authors!


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