Book Review: Writing with Power by Peter Elbow

Writing with Power was given to me as a gift from a friend a long while back but somehow got lost in shuffle of the many books I have around. I found the book when I was going through some stuff and decided to read it. I never planned to do a review of the book but as I read through it, I knew I had to share it.

Writing with Power by Peter Elbow

The first part of the book deals with “getting words on paper.” Elbow gives suggestions, tips and warnings in using different types of the writing process such as freewriting, the direct writing process, the loop writing process, and more. It even has a chapter on getting started with poetry. The other sections of the book deal with revising, sharing, audience and voice.

The chapters are short but loaded with practical suggestions, real-life examples, and conclude with concise, actionable summaries. Several chapters, especially the feedback section, offer a plethora of questions to help the writer to the heart, meaning, and purpose of the text she is writing.

Without doubt, Writing with Power is one of those books that all authors should have as a part of their library of resources. I give the book five (5) stars.


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