My New Favorite Time Management Tip


I learned this from Anastacia Brice. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’m one of those who have heard her talk about this before but it just flew over my head – until recently.

My New Favorite Time Management Tip

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After reading her post about scheduling, I decided to give it a go. I am rather good at time management; however, there are a few things that have been falling through the cracks lately so I knew I needed to tweak my system. Therefore, I got out my calendar and scheduled absolutely everything I need and wanted to do.  And I mean everything!

I started by scheduling my wake up time, bed, time, prayer time, exercise time, housework, and all personal time. Then I scheduled everything that was for my son, Andrew that required my time or assistance such as taking him to his sports or other activities. In the fall, I will add all of his homeschooling tasks. With the time I had left, I added everything else such as checking emails, appointments, returning calls, and most importantly, my writing time.

Next, it was time to start implementing the schedule. I have been following this system for about a month now and it is working beautifully! I’m not as overwhelmed as I was before and I am making smarter choices in how I use my time. I’ve even built in some buffer time so that I’m not running from one thing to the next. I don’t always follow it perfectly, but my time management is worlds apart from what it was AND those things that fell through the cracks? They’ve finally been dealt with. 🙂

If you are feeling overwhelmed, not getting your writing time in, or just looking to tweak your time management skills, I highly recommend you follow Anastacia’s advice. And if you do, let me know how it works for ya!


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Awesome Bloggers: Anastacia Brice

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Awesome Bloggers: Anastacia Brice

Anastacia is the founder of the Virtual Assistant profession and of the AssistU Virtual Assistant training company. I went through the training back in 2005 and during that time, Anastacia became a hero of mine. She is truly an amazing woman. She is brilliant, savvy, and leads by example.

Although she is currently on her yearly sabbatical, Anastacia normally blogs at Virtual Moxie. Even though her practical, real-world advice is geared toward Virtual Assistants, much of her wisdom can apply to any woman entrepreneur – including writers and authors.

I encourage you to take a peek at Virtual Moxie. There are a lot of archived posts to keep you going for a while and don’t forget to sign up for updates so that you are ready when Anastacia gets back to her regular schedule. Believe me, your business will love you for it. 🙂


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