Awesome Authors: Ellen Gable

I could not do a series on awesome authors and bloggers without including Ellen Gable. I have never met Ellen in person but I “met” her through a blog link-up that I used to participate it. Then, I had the opportunity to read and review several of her books: Come My Beloved: Inspiring Stories of Catholic Courtship; Stealing Jenny; Emily’s Hope; In Name Only; and, A Subtle Grace.

Stealing Jenny by Ellen Gable

Yeah, I’m a fan. 🙂 Many times I’ve stated that I am not a fan of historical fiction but I always enjoy Ellen’s books. Always. She has a simple, engaging, and captivating writing style that I just love and it doesn’t seem to matter if she sets her novels in past or present times.

I also enjoy her blog. She doesn’t always blog consistently (neither do I!) so I am subscribed to her blog feed to make sure I never miss a post. I recommend you check out Ellen’s blog and some of her books!


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