Proofreading Services

Everything you write is a reflection of you. If your writing is full of grammar, spelling, and/or writing mistakes, it may affect your book review ratings (such on Amazon), you may not be taken seriously, and you may even lose potential clients or work (which, of course, means losing money).

Thankfully, you have me. I am happy to edit and proofread your copy to make sure it is top-notch. I will check your document(s) for grammar and spelling errors, word usage, punctuation,  basic in-document formating**, and consistency.

You have different project options depending on the length/scope of the project:

The Blog/Website Critique service is a specialized service for the person who wants to make sure that his/her website is error free, easy to navigate, and reads well for his/her intended audience.

Proofreading for shorter projects (individual blog/website pages, press releases, articles, resumes, etc) are billed at $25 per hour, and paid in advance. [There is a one hour minimum requirement.]

Proofreading services for longer projects such as ebooks, proposals, handbooks, etc. are billed at $35/hour, and paid in advance. [There is a one hour minimum requirement.]

Novels and standard-sized books are billed at $35 per hour; half the amount must be paid up front and the balance is due when project is completed. [Completed project will be returned to client after payment is received.]

How to work with me

  • First, please email me at caroldannunzio1 @ gmail . com to check my availability and to obtain a quote.
  • If we agree to work together, I will send you an invoice/link to pay via PayPal. Once payment is received, I will get to work on the project.
  • Documents to be edited must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document that is double-spaced, in a 12 point font, and in a readable typeface such as Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri.***
  • The Microsoft “Track Changes” feature will be used to edit document. When finished, document will be returned in two formats, one with the changes accepted and one with the suggested changes still visible. This allows client to retain full control and to “pick and choose” the edits the client wants to keep or reject.
  • Payment must be paid in full prior to project being returned to client.

*Due to the nature of this service, there are no refunds.

**I am happy to format your document for Kindle, Create Space or other publishing service; however, there is a separate, flat-rate fee of $50 per document.

***If client prefers a hard copy of their document, there will be an extra printing fee of .25 cents per page and a $3.00 shipping fee.