Pick My Brain

Do you have a specific question about writing, grammar or business that you wish you could get a simple yet thorough answer to? Are you going through a business or writing struggle and would like an objective take on the situation? Do you need someone to brainstorm with or bounce ideas off of? If so, I am happy to let you pick my brain.

This package is for those who are not ready for (or don’t need) ongoing coaching support. This is a one-time service for those who have a one-time specific need or inquiry.

How it Works

  1. Choose from the email option or the recorded video option below.
  2. After payment is received, you will get an email confirmation inviting you to send in your question
  3. I will do my best to respond to your question within 48 hours (Fridays, weekends, and holidays excluded) and send you my detailed answer in a pdf file so you can print it out for future use.
  4. If you have chosen the recorded video option, I will record my response as soon as possible.

The Rules

  1. Be Specific and Detailed. The more specific you are in your question the better I can answer you. For example: If you say, “I don’t understand punctuation,” I am not sure what you are trying to ask. What is it about punctuation that you don’t understand? Are you confused about the use of commas, periods, or something else? But, if you ask, “How do you use commas in a sentence?” or “What is the difference between a dash and a hyphen?” I can give you a much better answer. (But, don’t worry, If I don’t understand your question, I will ask for clarification!) Another example: If you say something like, “WordPress is confusing,” I won’t be able to help you without more information. Better questions would be: “What are your favorite WordPress Plugins?” or “What is the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?” The more specific and/or detailed question, the more I can be detailed and precise in answering your question.
  2. You can ask me anything business related. No question is off-limits. You can ask me about the writing process, grammar, blogging or publishing. Really, ask me anything.  If I don’t know the answer immediately, I will do research to make sure you get the most accurate and helpful information possible.
  3. One question per purchase. If there are more than one (non-related) questions, I will only answer the first one. If you have more than one question, please purchase multiple “pick my brain” services.


I keep my prices low because I want to be available for those on a budget; therefore, the regular investment for the pick my brain email option is $29 and the regular investment for the recorded video option is $49. However, for a limited time only, I am offering an introductory price of $15 for the email option and $25 for the recorded video option.

(Refund Policy: Given the nature of this service, no refunds will be given for any reason.)

Now, to pick my brain, go ahead and click the “pay now” button below for the service you wish to purchase. I look forward to answering your questions!

Pick My Brain via Email

Pick My Brain via Recorded Video