STAGE THREE: OBM Retainer Package

(Select clients only – generally reserved for clients of either the Stage One or the Stage Two packages who have been working with me at least 3 months  – although exceptions can be made depending on our free consultation call)

The OBM (Online Business Manager) retainer package consists of having someone fully take over the running of your business. You focus on the vision, culture, and on your zone of genius and leave the daily operations, team management, and the details of your business to your right-hand person.

In this stage of your coaching business, you absolutely have a proven business model, have a consistent flow of clients and potential clients, and a six or seven figure income.

You also have systems and process in place, and have a team of Virtual Assistants and/or other professionals supporting you in your business. Your business is awesome but you want to fully enter into your zone of genius, and focus on giving your absolute best to your current and potential clients. You need someone to have your back, to be a gate keeper of your time and space, a sounding board, and to handle all the details involved in running a successful and thriving coaching business. Just as importantly, you need someone who can take your vision, help you tweak and strengthen in, and then create a plan to make that vision a reality!

The (Customizable) Online Business Manager Retainer package includes (but not limited to):

  • Complimentary updating of the complete systems audit that was done with one of the other packages, if necessary
  • Creating an actionable plan for putting those upgrades into place
  • Setting up, and managing, a virtual work space if you don’t already have one
  • Updating and managing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for all aspects of your business
  • Tracking metrics for various aspects of your business, and problem solving for any areas needing improvement
  • Creating job descriptions for current and future team members and contractors
  • Helping you find, hire, and train various team members, as needed
  • Act as project manager to make sure projects are completed correctly and that deadlines are met
  • Overseeing the day to day management of your team and other contractors
  • Assisting you in creating and maintaining relationships with joint venture partners, affiliate partners, and other business associates
  • Assisting you in creating (and implementing) a sustainable content, marketing, and social media strategy
  • Assisting and overseeing the creation of products, courses (virtual & in-person), and events or retreats (virtual and in-person)
  • Assisting you with program launches, list building, and customer support
  • Revamping your client on-boarding process and creating a client care strategy to streamline and improve your relationships with current and potential clients
  • Overseeing all aspects of customer service
  • Creating and managing editorial calendar for your blog/newsletter
  • Creating and managing budgets (Using the Profit First formula), and acting as a liaison for your bookkeeper and accountant
  • Assist in handling all the unforeseen details and circumstances that pop up
  • Help you make better decisions by being a sound board, offering suggestions, and input, and having your back at all times
  • Weekly meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page and making consistent progress
  • Monthly report and summary of accomplishments
  • Unlimited email and Voxer support Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 3 pm EST

The particulars of this package will be determined during the complimentary consultation call. This package starts at $15,000 for 3 months (or $5,000 per month for 3 months), followed by the negotiation of a base pay + profit sharing incentive going forward.