Misused Words: Do, Due, Dew

This week’s tip is dedicated to my son, Andrew, who keeps mixing these words up in his spelling lessons. 🙂

Misused Words: Do, Due, and Dew

Do is a verb meaning to engage or accomplish something.

For Example: She has to do something about all the noise.

For Example: What do you want to do?


The word due can be used as an adjective, noun or adverb meaning to owe.

For Example: The electric bill is due tomorrow.

For Example: I already paid my membership dues for this year.

For Example: If you drive due west you will get to your destination.


Dew is a noun meaning the water that forms on the grass (or other surfaces) from the water vapor in the air.

For Example: The morning dew makes the grass glisten.

For Example: The dew from the grass soaked through my shoes!


The biggest mix up is usually between do and due. Just keep in mind that do = action and due = payment or owe. For dew, try and remember the association of dew = wet.


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