How to Write a Great Story

My latest obsession is Ted Talks. There are so many inspiring, challenging, and interesting topics discussed in video form. There are talks that I completely disagree with and make me mad and there are ones that I relate to on such a personal level. The ones that make me mad are my favorite because they are the ones that make me ponder and help me to grow as a person.

How to Write a Great Story

However, my second favorite videos are the ones that teach. That is exactly what happened when I listed to the talk given by Andrew Stanton entitled “The Clues to a Great Story.” If you don’t know, Andrew Stanton is the writer of such films as “WALL-E” and “Toy Story.”

The talk was given in 2012 but it is just as relevant now as it was then. His best advice? Work backward to the beginning.

I encourage you to watch his talk here. Or, if you prefer the transcript, you can read it here. (Be warned, there is some coarse language in this talk.)


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