Give Yourself Grace

I had big plans for March. I particularly had plans to do A LOT of writing. But then my husband fell and broke his tailbone (he is healing, finally), my son got sick (much better now), and my father-in-law had a heart attack. Plus, there were tons of unavoidable interruptions.

Give Yourself Grace

Thus, there was very little writing and I never got a post done for this past Tuesday. I am tempted to beat myself up for not making the time to write. After all, I’m sure I’ve probably “wasted” time that could have been used to write. However, I’m not going to do that. Life happens. Life is messy. There are seasons in life when a person has to give herself grace – and this is one of those times!

So why am I writing this? I want to encourage you to NOT beat yourself up when you don’t accomplish a goal or you haven’t had time to write that article, or work on that book, or do whatever it is you need/want to do. Give yourself grace. Pick yourself up and remember that every day is a new day and a chance for a new beginning. 🙂

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