Self-Editing Checklist

As a writer, you know that having clean copy is important. You want to appear professional and be taken seriously.

You also know that proofreading your text is better performed by someone else. Another person will spot errors a lot easier and faster than you. However, having someone else edit and proofread your work isn’t always feasible or desirable. This is especially true if the piece is short, you don’t have time to wait for feedback, or you flat out don’t have the money to pay someone.

Well, no worries, the Self-Editing Checklist is here to help. 🙂

The 5-page checklist will give you all you need to proofread your work yourself. In the checklist you will find:

  • A step-by-step list for preparing to proofread
  • A short how-to guide and suggestions for finding as many mistakes as possible
  • A list of the most common mistakes to look for with links to short tutorials on some commonly misused words

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