Books Read in November 2016

Well, I downloaded a lot of books in November but I don’t feel like I read very much this month. The time really seemed to get away from me.


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The main book I read, is a book called God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah. It is a history book that I read with my son for his home school.

Another book I read was Writing a Book a Week: How to Profit with Self-Publishing. The idea and the process of writing a book a week is a little overwhelming for me at this time in my life, but I did glean some good tips.

All my other related reading was also with or for Andrew’s school. I did, however, participate in several webinars and virtual workshops that included reading material. 🙂

Hopefully, I will be able to read more in December. My plan is to get most of my Christmas shopping/chores done early so I am not feeling the pressure toward the end of the month.

Now it’s your turn. What have you been reading this month? Do share!


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Books Read in October 2016

I did a fair amount of reading this month. I have a new goal to read one book a week and I followed that plan pretty well this month. I should do the same for November; over the weekend, I downloaded 18 books (free & paid) onto my Kindle! I have a choice amount of books now, for sure!

Books Read in October 2016

Image by Hermann (2014) via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain

Of course, I read the third book in the “Mark of the Lion trilogy,” As Sure as the Dawn. Like the other books, this one was very long but I breezed through it very quickly. Still, when it was over, I was sad. I didn’t want it to end! I will remember these books for a long time. Here are the other books I read this month:

Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction. This book is a collection of essays about the history of flash fiction, defining flash fiction, and some ideas/tips on writing flash fiction. Very good book.

Nobody wants to Read Your Sh*t. Steven Pressfield does it again. This book is to the point, full of personal antidotes, and teaches the reader how to write. LOVE this book. (Even if the title is a little gruff!)

Home Remedies: 37 Ways to Use Epsom Salt. I remember my mother and others in my family using Epsom salt all the time but as a grownup, I never did. A saw this on a free book list so I figured I would get it. (Who doesn’t love free books?! LOL!) There are a lot of great uses for Epsom Salt many of which I didn’t know.

Prolific Publisher: 7 Strategies I have Used to Publish Over 50 Books in 7 Years. I just started this but it is very good so far! I may actually get it finished in the next couple of days which is why I am including it as part of this month’s books.

How about you? What are you reading? Do share!


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Books I’m Reading – August 2015

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I have a LONG list of books that I want to read. How about you? I decided that if I am ever going to get them read, I would have to organize them in a way to make that happen. In addition, since a little accountability never hurts, I thought I would post the list here at the beginning of each the month. When the month is over, I will give an update with links to any book reviews I may have done.


These 5 books I am reading this month are fiction books that I have promised to read and review for various blogger review programs. I am woefully behind, so I need to get reading!


1. The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. I’ve already started this book and absolutely love. It is going slower than I expected, though, because I can’t help myself from slowly savoring every word!

ties that bind_

2. Ties That Bind by Cindy Woodsmall. I have received a galley copy of this book. I read one other book by Cindy Woodsmall before and enjoyed it so I am looking forward to reading this book.


3. The Potter’s Lady. I am not normally a fan of historical fiction, although I do read them occasionally. This book caught my because the description gave me hope that it is very different from the typical historical books I’ve read in the past. We will see.


4. I Hope You Dance by Robin Lee Hatcher. I am reading this because I thought it would be fun to finish the suffer with a light, happy read. 🙂


5. The Big House on Adam’s Street by Alberta Sparks. This book was offered as a “bonus” when I picked out a book to review. I am a little unsure about this book but I thought I would give it a chance.

Now it’s your turn. What books are you reading this month? I can never have too many books, so do share in the comments!


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