You ARE Powerful

You are Powerful

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You are powerful, brilliant and amazing. Believe it. Live it.

Your Worst Enemy is Self-Doubt

Sylvia Plath is a deep and emotionally jarring writer. When I read her poetry it haunts me and touches me – even her dark poems. I read her book, The Bell Jar, twice. The second time was back in July. It is one thought-provoking book, for sure.

And I love this quote:

Your Worst Enemy is Self-Doubt

I admit that self-doubt definitely gets in the way of my creativity sometimes. It is second to my constant battles with time management!

However, I want to encourage you to punch out your self-doubt. Kick your fear in the tush! The world needs you. It needs what you have to say. I know I have written this before. I am writing again because it bears repeating.

Don’t let fear or self-doubt stop you from giving your gift to the world. Believe me, the world desperately needs you!


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Dance Above the Surface of the World

If you are procrastinating with your writing, let this quote inspire you:

Dance Above the Surface of the World

Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, we allow the opinions of others – or our own opinions of ourselves – to sabotage our writing efforts. This quote reminds us to rise above our opinions and let your gifts come through.

You have a unique message that the world needs (whether it realizes it or not) and only you can convey that message. If you don’t share your gifts, no one can do it for you.  So let your creativity flow!


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