How Often Should You Email Your List?

So, I survived my first Facebook Live. I think I did pretty well even though it wasn’t perfect. I don’t know about you, but I can let the striving for perfection stop me from moving forward and I am determined to not let that happen. I am going to conquer the art of video, one way or the other. LOL!

In that vein, I am starting a new video series called “Monday Marketing Moment.” It will go out to my business page every Monday (surprise, surprise!), and I will offer a tip to help you market and grow your business and an actionable challenge that you can implement immediately. Because, you know, strategy without implementation is a waste of time!

I did my first Monday Marketing Moment yesterday and I talked emailing your list. I put the challenge out there to email your list at least once (preferably twice), offering value and putting out a call to action. So, today, I am taking on my own challenge. 🙂 I hope you will do the same.

How often should I email my list?

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But, this challenge to email your list begs the question, “How often should I email my list?”

If you listen to the many marketers and experts out there, you will get very different answers.

Some say that you should email your list daily, others weekly, still others will say monthly and occasionally you will get the answer that it doesn’t matter.

The truth is, they are all right and they are all wrong. First of all, it does matter. Emailing your list matters because it helps build community, it gives you the opportunity to help others who may not otherwise get the help they need, and, ultimately, it will help you grow your business and become profitable.

But, it ultimately doesn’t matter how often you email your list. What matters is CONSISTENCY. It is more important that you email your list on a consistent, regular basis – whatever that frequency is.

Having said that, you want to email you list at a frequency that caters to your audience, works with your schedule, and allows you to give real value. And, don’t forget to make sure there is a call to action at the end of every email, whether it is a link to your lead magnet, a free call with you, or something else.

Here is my challenge to you: Let’s go beyond yesterday’s call to email your list at least once or twice this week. I challenge you to set up an editorial calendar, list the topics you will write about, and commit to a strict schedule for contacting your list. Are you in?!

Ten Ways to Re-purpose Your Blog and Other Content

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You’ve worked hard creating valuable content (whether it be a free or paid product) and so you should get the most use out of that time and effort spent. One way to do this is to repurpose your content into other formats and products.


In fact, only can you re-purpose your content into other formats and products, you can combine the various formats to create even more product offerings. For example, If you are offering a teleclass or webinar, you can take that teleclass and offer the recording free for live attendees and/or those who sign up and then offer the recording for sale on your website for a price; or offer the teleseminar free for live participants and then a reduced price of the recording for those who sign up but do not make it live; or offer a transcript of said teleseminar for one price and then offer both transcript and recording together as a package for yet another price. You can easily repackage your various products into different selling points – combining free and paid packages as you see fit.

However, before you can do all that you need to get those products re-formatted and re-purposed first, so here are some suggestions for transforming your content into other products:

1. Turn your eBook or article into an e-course. An e-course would make an excellent lead magnet for new subscribers to your website/blog because it spans over several days giving them more contact with you and your brand.

2. Turn your blog post or article into an e-book or e-report. You can easily take one of your blog post series into an eBook, eReport or hard copy booklet. In the reverse, you can take a free eBook and edit each chapter down to a blog series of posts.

3. Transform your written product(s) into an audio recording, webinar and/or teleclass. This doesn’t have to cost a bundle either, there are several open source options that would work wonderfully for a simple product.

4. Turn your product into a video training series. A simple webcam or camera is all you need to turn written content into a video series. This can be a product that you offer on your website or as a perk for members of a paid membership program. In addition, do not forget to put the video content into a transcript as an offering, too!

5. Create a hard copy book or DVD/CD of your content. There are several fulfillment centers that can create, package and ship for you; or, with the right software you can even do it yourself.

6. Use the content for the basis or topic of conversation for a Blog Talk Radio (or other radio) show. If you ever wanted to start an internet radio show or already have a radio show and looking for topic ideas, look at your current content for inspiration.

7. Include your products in associate or membership programs. If you’ve been looking to create a membership program but the lack of fresh content is holding you back, look to the content you have already created and update them. Once that’s done, you can add them to your membership site.

8. Interchange your blog and newsletter content. You can touch up blog posts and add them has feature articles for your ezine or newsletter; or, switch it and use previous newsletter articles as blog posts. Better  yet, if you have Aweber, you can set up what is called a “Blog Broadcast” that automatically sends out your blog posts as a newsletter to your subscribers.

9. Re-purpose PowerPoint presentations. If you’ve done a webinar or anything else that includes a Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation, turn that presentation into a video, transcript or article, or upload it to SlideShare (this would be for free presentations).

10. Transform an audio or video interview into a written transcript. Anything that you’ve done via audio or video and can be turned into a written transcript and vice versa.

In short, with a little creativity, just about any content you create can be re-purposed several ways. Now it’s time to hear from you. What creative ways have you re-purposed your content?


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