The Magic of 10 Minutes

One of the sessions for the CWG online writing conference was called “How to Write a Book in 10 Minutes a Day.” This was one of my favorite sesson; although, I have to say, I loved them all. What I loved about this one is the full-on practicality of it.

The Magic of 10 Minutes

Of course, as Karina pointed out, writing for 10 minutes isn’t ideal but in the real world there will probably be days when that is all you’ve got. Therefore, take advantage of those times. They add up, especially if you get in a few 10 minute sessions a day.

To make the most of those 10 minutes, Karina offers some great suggestions and one of those suggestions is to “learn to process while doing other things so when the time to write presents itself you can get straight to writing.”

I love this suggestion! Usually when I am not writing my mind is buzzing with so many other things that writing gets pushed to the back. However, now I am trying to make a conscience effort to thing about my writing (particularly what I want to write) beforehand so that I don’t waste time when I have those free moments.

Some other suggestions for making the most of those 10 minutes are:

# Use a timer. (Funny, I use a timer for so many things but never thought to use it for my writing time!)

# Write by hand.

# Use index cards or a card style program.

The test of this 10 minutes a day suggestion came when things wonked out over the past few weeks. My husband broke his tailbone, my son got sick, and my father-in-law had a heart attack. I was doing a lot of running around and trying to homeschool and get some things done; however, I WAS able to get in some writing (albeit, no online writing).

I stuck a small notebook in my purse and pulled it out whenever I had a few minutes. Sometimes, I didn’t even have ten minutes, only five or three but I wrote something! Small steps get it done right? So, inspite of the crazyiness, I feel like I am making progress.

What about you? What suggestions do you have for making the most of your writing time (whether it be for 10 minutes or more – or less)? Do share in the comments.


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So Much to Process!

If you got the email for this month’s subscriber password, then you know that my computer crashed last week. It wound up taking me until mid-morning Friday to re-install everything, including the over 226 Windows Updates!

Thankfully, the computer was up and running in time (mostly) for me to participate in the Catholic Writer’s Guild‘s annual online writing conference. And, WOW what a conference. My head is still spinning with all the information I learned! Believe me, it was a jam-packed conference that went from Friday, 8:30am to 10:30pm; Saturday, 8:30am to 10:30pm; and Sunday 12 noon to 10:30pm! Each session lasted for one hour with a half-hour leeway in between.

The sessions covered everything from the business and legal issues of writing, to time management, to practicing the craft. Of course, there were also sessions about social media, specifically Pinterest. I have to admit, I haven’t done much with my Pinterest account, in fact, I think I only have about 4 followers. However, now I am starting to rethink Pinterest.

There’s a lot I want to share but I need some time to organize my notes and process all the information that has been dumped in my head!

But, the main reason I am writing this is because if you have never been to a writer’s conference before, do it! I never really put much stock in going to conferences but it is SO worth the money and time – be it virtual or live. It is definitely one of the best things I’ve done for my writing craft in a long while.