Books Read in September 2016

I read two (rather lengthy) books in September.

Books Read in September 2016

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The books were part of the “Mark of the Lion” trilogy by Francine Rivers. And they were good, so very, very good!

The first book, A Voice in the Wind, introduces several important characters: Hadassah, Marcus, Atretes, Julia and several lesser characters. As the story continues the characters become woven into each other lives and affect each other in very profound ways. The second book, Echo in the Darkness, continues the story of three of the characters. However, I don’t want to give anything away so I won’t tell you who they are!

The stories themselves are set during the time when the temple of Jerusalem is destroyed. And, yes, the story (both of them) is Christian but not in an “in your face” way. As you get to know the characters, their faith (or lack thereof) fits in perfectly. It is just a part of who they are.

I have to say, the character development in both books is amazing. They seem so real and the reader is pulled so completely into the action you feel like you are really present and a part of their lives. I have read a lot of books with well-developed characters but these books have the best character development I’ve ever encountered. Seriously.

Both books are long (700+ pages!) but you hardly notice. I read Echo in the Darkness in two days! It is an easy read but also gives you something to think about. Between the two books, Rivers writes about issues such as slavery, abortion, euthanasia, promiscuity, and faith; topics that are still timely in our own day. And, she does so in such a sensitive, natural way. She doesn’t preach, give simplistic answers, or tells you what to think. She just lets the characters live their lives and the reader gets a bird’s-eye view.

If you are looking for a really, really good read, I highly recommend you read these books. Do start with A Voice in the Wind, though. Echo in the Darkness won’t make a lot of sense if you read it first, although you could, I guess.

The third book in the series is As Sure as the Dawn and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

If you do read the books, do tell me what you think. 🙂


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