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Book Review: Semi SeriousFrom Book Description

Follow along with Charlotte Stone as she takes you on a whimsical religious adventure from middle school teacher to big rig driver. Join her for the laughs and tears as she takes you from the initial decision to the training she under went and even through her challenging rookie year.

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My husband has been a commercial truck driver for a long time and there aren’t many women in this profession; therefore, when I saw the book, Semi Serious, about a woman’s journey into the field, I had to read it. Personally, unlike my husband, I do not like to drive and can’t even begin to fathom why any woman would want to be a truck driver. Thus, I was immensely curious to read Stone’s journey. I mean, really, why would anyone want to end her career as a teacher to drive a truck?

Well, her story is very interesting! In addition, I learned more about the trucking industry in reading her story than in the 14 years I have known/been married to my husband! She gives an insider view of what it is like to go through the trucking school and some of the joys and challenges of living on the road. In fact, I felt almost as if I was in the truck or on the road with her because she writes with an inclusive and conversationalist way that I like.

Another thing I liked, was the candid-ness of her faith. Living a faith-filled life isn’t easy for anyone, but it can be particularly difficult for truck drivers. I really appreciated how she is able to incorporate her faith into her life and how she incorporated her faith into the book without sounding “preachy.”

However, I am not a big fan of how the book is organized. For example, in the beginning she starts telling her story, and then seemingly out of the blue, she sticks in a prayer or poem that is supposed to be related to what she was conveying in her narrative. It was confusing and broke up the rhythm of text for me. I found myself wanting to skip over the prayers and poems so that I could finish the story and then go back to them.

Additionally, many of the stories seemed to be put together in a disjointed fashion and without any real cohesiveness; although, the topics were loosely related. It was almost as if a string of stories were thrown in together just so they could be included in the book. Having written that, most of the stories, in and of themselves, held my attention.

Still, all in all, the book is very good and I can recommend it to anyone curious about the life of truck drivers. I give Semi Serious three (3) stars.


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