Awesome Bloggers: Barbara Schoeneberger

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Awesome Bloggers: Barb Schoenberger

Barb is another blogger that used to participate in the same link-up as me. She doesn’t blog much. In fact, the last post on her blog, Suffering with Joy, is dated September 8. However, when she does write, it is profound, though-provoking and it stirs the soul in a deep way.

I love how Barb describes the purpose of her blog is “to help others to find solace, joy, and purpose in suffering, no matter how great the difficulties facing them.” We all go through difficulties and it is so easy to want to give up, to despair, or to let ourselves get bitter or angry. Barb, who is not devoid of suffering herself, shows us that suffering can be faced with courage and grace.

If you want to be inspired or going through a difficult time, Barb’s blog is the perfect place for comfort and words of encouragement.


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