3 Things I WON’T Let My Clients Do

Yes, you read that right. One of my clients did a social media post a while ago stating the two things she doesn’t help her client do, and it inspired me to write this. I don’t know where she got this idea from but I love it! However, I am taking it a little further because there are three things that I not only NOT help my clients do, I WON’T let them do! (Yes, I can be a bit bossy! LOL)

3 Things I Won't Let My Clients Do

Image by raphaelsilva (2017) via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain

1. Run a Business that Isn’t Profitable

If you aren’t in business to make a profit, what are you in business for? Right? You need to feed your family, you need to pay your bills, and you want to live comfortably. You can (and should) strive to make six or seven figures, but that won’t happen if you aren’t making a profit.

Honestly, when you wear all the hats in  your business, it is hard to focus and to run your business in a smooth and efficient way. If you are feeling overwhelmed and unfocused and letting balls drop, you know this. You can’t give your attention to bringing on new clients and making money if you have to keep stopping to answer a customer question or dealing with vendors/contractors or scheduling out social media posts.

So, I make it my job as a Virtual Administrative Support Specialist to get rid of the back end and administrative headaches so you can focus on the important things, especially taking good care of your clients and making a profit!

2. Work Long Hours

As a business or life coach, you know the importance of having a sustainable work/life balance. However, sometimes even you can get caught up in running your business that you forget to shut off. It is easier to help a client to find ways to shut off her phone or tablet during dinner or her child’s dance recital than it is to do it ourselves, isn’t it?! (How often do you “answer that one email” or check that one message” during family time? Be honest!)

The good news is that you can find a sustainable work and life balance that works for you. You can get to a place where you can shut off your business and not worry that something isn’t getting done. I know this is true because I have helped my clients do it.

Whenever I bring on a client, we do a full business audit (or it can be purchased as a stand-alone product). During this audit, we identify all the areas where you can put systems and processes in place so that you can automate as much of your business as possible. And for the areas that can’t be automated, I help you discern what team members you may need to bring on or contractors that you may want to hire. Doing this will free up at least 3-5 hours of  your time! In short, I make it my business to help you and support you in getting stuff done so you won’t have to work long hours.

3. Focus on the Wrong Thing

There are a lot of different moving parts in running a successful business, including a coaching business. However, there are 3 core aspects of your business that you should be giving your attention: creating new content/products/programs, bringing in new clients and keeping your current clients happy, and increasing your revenue streams.

Unfortunately, there are days, probably  more than you would want admit, that you spend putting out fires, procrastinating, getting distracted, or getting pulled away from your business for this commitment or that commitment. That happens. It’s normal. If, however, it is happening more often than not, then you will need to make some adjustments in how you manage your time.

Everyone struggles with time management (even me!) sometimes, but there are things that can be done to minimize those struggles. Part of the business audit that I do with new clients consists in filling out a time tracker worksheet that helps the client get a vivid and clear picture of how she spends her time. (This is usually a real eye-opener for the client usually!)

Using the results of the time tracker worksheet and business audit, I help the new client take a look of the big picture of her business and then we break that vision into a manageable, doable plan that can be implemented immediately. We put the necessary people, systems, and processes in place that are mentioned above, and I help you create the action steps that you need to take to grow your business.

Thus, I make it my business to help you stay on task and focused on those areas that you want and need to do to bring your business to the next level. I am your accountability partner, Integrator/Project Manager, cheerleader, and sounding board all rolled up into one!

The Big Question # 1

Now, I have a question for you. What are the top 2 or 3 things that you don’t “let your clients do?” How do you support your clients so that they can build the business or life they love? I really do want to know!

Before writing this post, taking the time to reflect on the things I don’t help my clients do (won’t let them do) really helped me hone in to the core purpose of my business. I believe asking this question of yourself will do the same for you.

The Big Question (s) # 2

As you read through this article, did you see yourself? Are you bringing in $5k or $10k monthly but still not as profitable as you would like? Does your business feel stagnant and not moving forward because you feel like you are spinning your heels and going no where? Are you working too many hours and/or focusing on the wrong tasks in your business?

If so, I want you to know there is hope and there can be a change. If you are ready and willing to do the work, I can help you take back control of your business. I can help you increase your profits, improve your client relationships, and help you create a sustainable work/life balance. I can help you help your coaching clients. Together, we can turn your coaching business into an empire!

Are you in? Great! The next step is to fill out the pre-call questionnaire and then book your free consultation call with me. During the call, we will see if we are a good fit and if working together would make sense. Believe me, if I can’t help you, I will say so upfront. I look forward to talking with you.

Monday Marketing Moment: Focus on the Right Things

Happy Monday! In today’s Monday Marketing Moment, I want to encourage you to focus on the right things (and I will share what those things are).

Monday Marketing Moment: Focus on Right Things

(If you missed my previous Monday Marketing Moments, you can watch them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6L7QwTH8By1T1fgCpLl_ZA)

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4. Work with me and my team privately.

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3 Business Lessons 15 Years of Marriage Taught Me

Technically, I am a little “late” with this post because my husband and I actually celebrated our 15-year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. However, the lessons are still valid, so I am going to go ahead and share them anyway.

3 Business Lessons 15 Years of Marriage Taught Me

Image by 277974 (2017) via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain

In reality, I learned many more than 3 lessons (both business and personal) in the last 15 years of marriage but here are the top three business lessons:

1. Manage Expectations

One thing I learned rather quickly in my marriage is that my husband can’t read my mind. 🙂 No one can. So, it has been important for my husband and I to be as clear as possible in regards to what our expectations are in as many scenarios as possible.

Business Translation: When you bring on a new client, team member, contractor/vendor, or anyone else. Be as clear as you can in explaining your expectations for the relationship. Make sure they understand your policies, procedures, how to handle conflict/problems, the importance of deadlines, or anything else that you want them to understand about you and how you run your business. Don’t expect them to “just know” or read your mind. They can’t.

On the flip side, make sure you have a clear understanding of their expectations too. What are their policies, understanding of deadlines, etc.? Make sure you are both on the same page before you start working together.

AND, make sure you revisit your (and their) expectations as things or projects change. You will (and should) have many conversations about expectations during the course of your business relationships.

2. Give the other person the benefit of the doubt

Let’s get real. Misunderstandings are going to happen. Disagreements are going to happen. My husband and I have had (and will continue to have) arguments and/or difficulties. It is part of relationships so matter how well you manage expectations. And, it may be just me (is it?!) but sometimes it is so much easier to jump to conclusions and expect the worst from my husband (or other people). It took a while before I realized this and now, when misunderstandings happen, I can remind myself that my husband isn’t the devil incarnate and give him the benefit of the doubt! LOL

Business Translation: In your business, you are going to have conflict and misunderstandings with clients, team members, vendors and contractors. Know it, accept it, and deal with it. How? First of all, take a few minutes to breathe, calm down, and get yourself under control before confronting the person with the offense or mistake. It IS possible she/he doesn’t even realize that an offense has occurred.

Second, remind yourself that the person probably isn’t trying to sabotage you and your business or committed the offense on purpose. Give the person the benefit of the doubt. (Yes, that does happen, but most of the time – if you are partnered with the right people – they aren’t trying to harm you or your business.)

Third, arrange a time with that person to talk in person or over the phone about the situation. You don’t even have to say what it is about right away. You can say something like, “Hey, I’d like to talk to you about something. When would be a good time to talk?” Email or text isn’t going to cut it here. Too much is missed or taken the wrong when in text form. So, do your best to talk calmly with the person about the situation.

3. Forgive and don’t hold grudges

All spouses hurt each other once in a while and my husband and I are no exception. I have done or said things that hurt my husband and he has done the same to me. I don’t know about other couples, but for us, the first year of marriage was HARD. We learned early on that it is important to forgive each other, as hard as that can sometimes be. No one is perfect, and forgiving and letting go is essential to a healthy relationship. Holding grudges and bringing up past issues in every argument or fight isn’t healthy or good for a marriage.

Business Translation: Your team, your clients, your colleagues, in fact everyone, is going to make mistakes. They may unintentionally (or occasionally, intentionally) hurt you. They are going to do something or say something that you don’t like or that hurt you in some way. So, you are going to have some decisions to make.

I encourage you to start with point number two and give them the benefit of the doubt and talk to them about the problem. Then, forgive them, let it go, and move on with the business relationship. However, if the problem persists or the person is difficult or even unwilling to work on the business relationship, you may have the difficult task of ending the relationship, even if it means loss of income or having to find a new service or vendor. Only you can decide if it is worth trying to rebuild the relationship or not.

If that is the case, and you have to end the working relationship, it doesn’t relieve you of the duty to forgive and not hold grudges. We don’t forgive other people for their sake but for our own. It is unhealthy to hold on to the past, especially to situations that have hurt us. If you need to, talk to someone who can help you work through it. Even the best business and life coaches need coaches! So, hire your own coach, get rid of those blocks that are holding you back, and allow yourself to let go. It can only make everything better for you and your business!

Hey, now it is your turn! What the biggest lesson you have learned so far in your marriage or life? Do share in the comments.