Awesome Bloggers: Jane Friedman

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Awesome Bloggers: Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman is a veteran in the publishing industry and another must-read blogger for writers. She has a unique perspective and shares some wonderful insights into the craft of writing. She also brings on some wonderful guest bloggers and interviews that offer even more insights and helpful information. In addition, also offers a resource page for writers with a list of her favorite websites and tips for new writers.

The advice Friedman offers is catered to both traditional and self-publishing authors; therefore, even if you are self-publishing you will find plenty of great suggestions, tips, and how-tos applicable to your needs.

On top of that, if you are looking for more, she offers consulting, speaking, online classes, and her own books to personally help you with all aspects of the writing and publishing process.

Thus, Jane Friedman is an awesome blogger because she offers timely, relevant advice that helps all types of writers.


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