For Authors

My passion is to help self-publishing authors get better reviews on Amazon (and other review sites), sell more e-books and info products, and feel more confident in their writing abilities. Specifically, it my goal to help self-publishing authors with the mechanics of writing (grammar).


Well, let’s face it. There is nothing glamorous or fun about grammar.Still, grammar is very important. Maybe it’s not as important as the content; however, grammar is the backbone of writing. The greatest content in the world is worth nothing if it is riddled with grammar and writing mistakes.

Even worse, many people, perhaps like yourself, fail to put themselves out there because they fear that their writing isn’t good enough. Yet, no one should let fear get in the way from sharing her gift. Thus, through this website, I want to help you punch your fears in the face, and give you the tools to improve your writing.

For Solo-Entrepreneurs

I am also passionate about helping other solo-entreprenurs to write correctly and with confidence. I believe everything you write is a reflection of you. You may not be an author by trade but you are a writer nevertheless. All of your webpages, blog posts, emails, marketing materials, and certainly the writing you do for your clients, represent you. Therefore, if you want to make sure that all of your writing is polished and as error-free as possible.

Through my proofreading/editing services, (upcoming) courses and books, I want to help you improve your grammar skills so that you, too, can make more money and have the confidence share your unique and much needed message to the world.


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