About Carol

This is the story behind why I created carolda.com:

I learned to read at about age 4 and started writing not long after. I was always two grade levels higher in my English classes and got straight As. In fact, I was usually the one who tutored others in writing, which I loved.

The years after high school brought many twists and turns, but reading, writing, and helping others write remained at center stage. In life and in business, I was often called upon to proofread or edit some text or other. In particular, during the five years I worked in an insurance agency, I was the “go-to” editor and proofreader for most the agents and service reps. Needless to say, I was very confident in my writing skills…Click here to read the rest

About Carolda.com

I love working with self-publishing authors and solo entrepreneurs.

First, My passion is to help self-publishing authors get better reviews on Amazon (and other review sites), sell more e-books and info products, and feel more confident in their writing abilities. Specifically, it my goal to help self-publishing authors with the mechanics of writing (grammar).

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The world needs to read your message and is waiting for your gift, even if they don’t realize it yet. Thus, YOU have an obligation to get that message out in to the world. If you don’t, who will?

Is your message meant to bring hope, inspire, entertain, or teach? It doesn’t matter. They are all very important and necessary.


I believe that nothing…Click here to read the rest


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