Your Worst Enemy is Self-Doubt

Sylvia Plath is a deep and emotionally jarring writer. When I read her poetry it haunts me and touches me – even her dark poems. I read her book, The Bell Jar, twice. The second time was back in July. It is one thought-provoking book, for sure.

And I love this quote:

Your Worst Enemy is Self-Doubt

I admit that self-doubt definitely gets in the way of my creativity sometimes. It is second to my constant battles with time management!

However, I want to encourage you to punch out your self-doubt. Kick your fear in the tush! The world needs you. It needs what you have to say. I know I have written this before. I am writing again because it bears repeating.

Don’t let fear or self-doubt stop you from giving your gift to the world. Believe me, the world desperately needs you!


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Misused Words: Do, Due, Dew

This week’s tip is dedicated to my son, Andrew, who keeps mixing these words up in his spelling lessons. 🙂

Misused Words: Do, Due, and Dew

Do is a verb meaning to engage or accomplish something.

For Example: She has to do something about all the noise.

For Example: What do you want to do?


The word due can be used as an adjective, noun or adverb meaning to owe.

For Example: The electric bill is due tomorrow.

For Example: I already paid my membership dues for this year.

For Example: If you drive due west you will get to your destination.


Dew is a noun meaning the water that forms on the grass (or other surfaces) from the water vapor in the air.

For Example: The morning dew makes the grass glisten.

For Example: The dew from the grass soaked through my shoes!


The biggest mix up is usually between do and due. Just keep in mind that do = action and due = payment or owe. For dew, try and remember the association of dew = wet.


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Schedule in Some Margin Time

If you want to get a grip on your time management for the long-term, you must have a long-term plan. A while back, I discovered my new favorite time management tip: schedule everything. It made a huge difference in how I spent my time but it wasn’t perfect.

Build in Margin Time

There were time when I felt overwhelmed trying to fit everything in. I’ve had to scale back a lot but the biggest difference for me came when I started to schedule in some margin time. I’ve read about the importance of margin time from several sources and they are right.

Inevitably, you will almost always need more time to do something than you think. Whether it is getting ready to go somewhere, to writing, to handling administrative tasks, etc. There will be interruptions. There will be issues, if something can happen, it often does!

Therefore, if you build in some margin time, you give yourself breathing room. It allows you to keep the overwhelm under control because you aren’t under the gun. For me, once I built in some margin time, I have been able to keep an even better handle on my time management.

Yes, I’ve had to let some things go. Yes, I’ve had to make even more hard decisions on how I spend my time. But, that’s a good thing! I know if you build in some margin into your schedule it will make a difference for you too. It will give you greater focus and it will give you some extra space. So give it a try!


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